Joanne, Saint Martins, Christchurch

I was recommended Kane from a work colleague. I also got another ‘as is where is’ company to come and have a look at my property but felt more comfortable and trusted Kane in what he said and his direct approach.

I also liked the way Kane explained the process and also I only ever dealt with him. He was always happy to answer any questions I had and also viewed building reports at other properties I was looking at purchasing to give me free advice.

I can’t thank him enough for letting me move on to a new start and recommend him to anyone looking at selling ‘as is where is’.

Thanks Kane

Brock & Terry, Wainoni, Christchurch

We were finally ready to sell our as is where is property after about 10 years. I was sceptical about calling a property developer, but after emailing Kane and meeting him in person, we were delighted to receive a fair offer with no conditions. The process was smooth and relaxed, and Kane is great to deal with.

Craig, Cashmere, Christchurch

I called My new start to discuss selling my earthquake damaged property. Kane personally took my phone calls and emails and I dealt with him directly through out the process. Kane made a very attractive offer with flexible settlement date allowing me to find a new house before moving out. The deposit was paid Promptly and when I had a new house lined up we agreed on a procession date and settlement proceeded with out any issues. Kane is a man of honour what he says he will do he does.

Dave and Val, Casebrook, Christchurch

We started out with two recommendations of ‘as is’ buyers. The company’s and approach were polar opposites. The decision to go with Kane was an easy one, he was respectful and professional. Leaving our home was a bittersweet experience, he seemed to understand this and was sensitive to this fact. Kane has supported us through the whole process and was always happy to answer any queries along the way, and there were many! We had a more than generous settlement timeframe that removed the pressure to make any decisions. We would highly recommend Kane, he is one of the genuine good guys, honest and reliable. Kane, we wish you well in all that you do.

Colin & Pauline, New Brighton, Christchurch

After getting a few appraisals from real estate agents we were ready to sell our ‘as is, where is’ home. We weren’t looking forward to the open homes and agent fees but with our new build underway we couldn’t put it off any longer. A friend had just sold her home to Kane and recommended we get in touch. We were pretty skeptical at first as the testimonials sounded too good to be true. We wondered what the catch was but turns out there wasn’t one! Within days of making contact with Kane we had a fair and unconditional offer. The generous settlement date was really helpful as we had a few delays with our build. The whole process was seamless and Kane was always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Kane for taking the pain out of selling!

Cellena & Herman, Woolston, Christchurch

Kane was just amazing and so professional right from the get go. We had meet a few companies that do the same as My New Start but no one came close, the feeling we got from Kane was that he was a genuinely nice guy who had been through what we had been through and we felt comfortable there was no wool being pulled over our eyes. The process was EASY, and any help we needed along the way Kane was happy to oblige, Be it time extensions or just helping us with purchasing our next home and even letting us see our old home once it was completed.
We cannot rave about how awesome Kane is enough. I would recommend him to anyone in this situation, a trustworthy reliable man and its actual hard to believe businessmen like him still exists. 🙂

Jared & Erin, Saint Albans, Christchurch

We thought our dream home we had already started building was all over after finding out our house we were selling was an ‘as is where is’.

We had 3 people highly recommended Kane, so we decided to fill out the online form and from there it was easy sailing. We were very impressed by Kane’s fast response and stress free process. It was quick, easy and friendly.

We would also highly recommend Kane if you are looking at selling your as is home. We are so glad we sold our house to Kane.

Jean Hoon Hay, Christchurch

I contacted Kane regarding my as is where is house. I had previously had two other companies and a real estate valuation. The other companies were in my opinion trying to pull the wool over my eyes and the real estate over promised .

Kane had done his homework and I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and also his dedication to actually helping people who are in the most part in a situation which is very stressful.

Kane offered me a realistic price for my home and at all times was respectful and helpful. Every step along the way was done in a timely manner.

I was able to move on with my life without having to worry about anything, thank you Kane and I have recommended you to people I know.

Kind regards

Kirk and Carmen Shirley, Christchurch

We cannot thank Kane enough. Right from the get go he was easy to deal with and understood our needs. Thing’s couldn’t have gone any smoother and without Kane we wouldn’t have been in our beautiful new home. A genuine nice guy.

Karen Mount Pleasant, Christchurch

I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Kane. I originally called him to see if he would be interested in having a look at my ‘As is’ property along with a couple of other as-is buyers. Kane could not come on the day proposed so we arranged to meet at the property the following week. In the meantime one of the as-is buyers offered me a price for my property which I accepted so advised Kane of this so as not to waste his time. Hence the as-is buyer basically just strung me along, rang me daily to say that they had looked at the project and needed to adjust the figure offered. This held my property up for over 3 weeks whilst I kept to my guns about the price. Eventually I had enough and asked them to cancel the contract if they did not intend to buy at the price offered. I then contacted Kane to see if he was still interested – best thing I ever did. He was professional, advised what he saw as needing to be done and we came to an agreement on the price. Things went very smoothly, it confirmed early and within a few weeks of confirming it settled (which was again my choice as had had enough after taking nearly 10 years to get a pay-out from my Insurance Company) Kane even let me leave stuff there that I did not want and advised he would dump for me – it was a very stress free process and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to deal with an honest, reliable person who sticks by his word and makes the whole process easy – Thank you Kane, I can finally move forward.

Jan St Albans, Christchurch

After an unbelievable bad experiences with Real estates, EQC, Public Trust to sell our house we came across Kane Lawson. On my first phone call to him I was very impressed with his professional manner. He explained how the process was going to work, what we had to do every step of the way. What he said was exactly to the dot of how it took place. His honesty was a breath of fresh air to us after being run around in circles and costing more and more money with other dealings.
I always thought that testimonials were mostly jacked up by friends etc, but I can honestly say I am writing this on what we experienced
Kane never pressured us in fact quite the opposite, he gave us as much time as we needed to get our heads around the process.
I wish Kane all the best for his future

Tony and Kirsten Parklands, Christchurch

After deciding to sell our house as-is, I contacted Kane and other as-is buyers to discuss our situation. I was immediately impressed by Kane’s honest and open approach and after discussing his repair methods and how he intended to remediate the property, it was apparent that he would be completing an appropriately engineered repair, as compared to the other as-is buyers I met with who were vague about their methods.

Through the whole process Kane has been fantastic to deal with, giving us as much time as we required to settle, even extending that time to allow completion of our build. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kane to anyone who was looking to sell their house, and have done so now on two occasions. Kane’s upfront approach to the way he conducts his business was refreshing and I wish him all the very best.


Jean and Bob Somerfield, Christchurch

After our son got in touch with Kane regarding our old family home we decided to go ahead and deal with him . Quote was quick no buggering around or changing the numbers.( like another person did ) )Kane very pleasant to work with and promptly answered questions .

Would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to others.


Peter and Gilly, New Brighton

We contacted Kane after hearing one his advertisements on the radio. We were just finalising our EQC settlement and wanted to sell our house As Is.
From the beginning Kane was great to deal with and after a very short time came back with a realistic offer and an unconditional contract that we were happy with. Through the whole process Kane was great to deal with even extending settlement by another month due to Covid lockdown.
There are plenty of cowboys out there will lowball the offer price and a conditional contract, with Kane it is truly a matter of what you see is what you get with no fishhooks or last minute changes.

Sandra, Christchurch

When EQC admitted they needed to re-repair their earlier repairs, my heart sank! To avoid all that hassle, I investigated the option of grabbing the payout, selling as is where is and finding a new place. I contacted several land agents but noticed an advertisement in the Press from Kane Lawson. On phoning Kane, he promptly visited and was quite clear in all his dealings, had the house inspected by his own staff and made an offer which I was happy to accept as it was competitive compared to the vague “valuation ” offered elsewhere. An added bonus was that there was no agent’s commission. Kane was very flexible regarding the settlement date to allow me to find a new home. The Lockdown created unexpected delays but Kane kept in touch and ensured the final handover went smoothly and that I moved on a day most convenient for me. He even suggested I take a few cuttings and plants to kick start my new garden. I’m so glad I noticed that advertisement!!

Valda, Christchurch

I can absolutely vouch for Kane I had been badly hoodwinked not once but twice promised the world and delivered just bullshit, sorry for swearing, Kane at first gave me the best advice while I was going through this very bad time, in then end he helped me out of a very stressful situation and was so helpful not only to me but my tenants also. He did exactly what he said he would do an unconditional contract, please beware of taking a conditional contract under the as is process I found them to be very dodgy, with deposit paid immediately, contract completed after 3 days of tenants moving out. He is my hero in what was a horrible time for me. If Jacinda wasn’t doing such a good job I would put Kane up for the job. Thank you so much Kane from the bottom of my heart.

Nicky, Cashmere

Kane recently purchased our home in Cashmere. We found him to be completely reliable, flexible and genuine. He evened helped us with advice on properties we looked at purchasing! An all round nice guy who we have no problem recommending to anyone.

Cheryl & Paul, Christchurch

After 10 long years EQC and the insurance company decided that we should be paid out.  we were left wondering what to do, do we stay and fix it ourselves or sell as is.  I heard an advert on the radio for my new start, and thought it was a good idea to look into this.  I answered the website and very quickly Kane rang and made arrangements to come and see us.  Kane is very knowledgeable on what needs to be done, and never once put pressure on us to sell.  We actually put it on hold for a couple of months before we agreed with Kane to sign over to him.  with a long settlement date we had plenty of time to look for the ideal home to move to. Once we had found one the process of bringing this forward was very easy and every went through with no problems.

Kane has been so helpful with everything even on moving day.  I would thoroughly recommend using My New Start and Kane if you are in the position of wanting to Sell your house as is.

Carl, Christchurch

Kane was incredibly helpful and flexible through the entire process – especially with the uncertainty I had around when settlement would occur. Kane is a shining example of a fair, honest and hard-working Kiwi who I would recommend to anyone who needs to sell a house as-is where is. I commend him for contributing to the repair of Canterbury’s housing stock

Grant & Lynley, Cashmere, Christchurch

It was a pleasure to deal with Kane in person, as advertised. He was always positive, flexible, reasonable and straightforward, offering a fair deal and sticking with it, despite the challenges thrown up by a tricky site, and a COVID lockdown.

BoBo and Shona, Rangiora

At last we are in our new house in Rangiora. Still settling in and plenty to do. Won’t have a lawn until September, the day it was going to be sown 26 March, was Level 4 day so didn’t happen.
Thanks very much for your help during the lock down and your understanding when we couldn’t settle on 9th April. Was getting a bit concerned that our world was about to fall apart. Your agreement to put settlement day 5 days after we got out of level 4 regardless of when it was going to be was most helpful and your follow up phone calls of reassurance were much appreciated.
Hope all goes well with the repairs, really pleased that you are going to do a proper job, unlike some of the horror stories I have heard about.
Thanks again and all the best.

Chris and Amy, New Brighton Christchurch

After an arduous battle with the EQC and insurance company we rang my new start on hearing an ad on the radio, we were extremely impressed with Kane lawson very professional and knowledgeable, we were also very satisfied with the offer and how smooth and efficient the process was, giving us time to find our new home.

Jules, Christchurch

Having an earthquake damaged home hasn’t been easy and when it comes to my home, my trust in people had diminished, however having gone through the “as is where is” selling process with Kane it has restored my faith and trust in people.

The process was effortless, you deal directly with  Kane, and in his calm, reassuring manner he answered all questions on the spot, he advised ways forward where I didn’t think there were any.  There was no pressure, he gave me plenty of time to mull over the information to make a decision that was right for me.

Kane gave a fair market appraisal, was upfront and honest about what I could expect to receive for the sale and why,  I was kept informed every step of the way.

Kane acted with integrity, it was important to him that I felt comfortable about the sale of my home.  His concern was genuine, he made every effort to work to my timeframes.  When the news of alert levels came, he kept me informed, calling to reassure me he would still be in a position to settle, and when lock down news came he worked hard to ensure we could settle a few days earlier.

I am grateful to Kane as it is truly my new start.


Warren and Carol, Woolston Christchurch

We decided to sell our ” as is ” house.
After contacting Kane via email, he responded the next day. After meeting Kane to look through the house, an offer was made on the spot, which was very fair.
Kane had done his homework prior to the meeting which was impressive, and went through the process of what he would do with the property. Everything was up front.
The process was seamless and we would highly recommend Kane at ” My New Start”

Hans and Janneke, Parklands Christchurch

After moving out of our “as is” house we contacted “My new start” and Kane got back to us within the promised 24 hours.

After some questions we made an appointment to meet and Kane, he had a good look through our house.

He made an offer on the spot and it was an offer we were happy with.

The next day we signed the paperwork and 4 weeks later we settled.

Things went quick, simple and all communication was really good.

And the really pleasant thing was that all communication was always with Kane, that was the only person we had contact with and we think that works absolutely brilliant!!

We recommend getting in contact with Kane at My new start if you are wondering what to do with your “as is” house, it worked out great for us!!

Thank you Kane, it was great doing business with you.

Blair and Jacquelyn, Linwood Christchurch

We found Kane from My New Start very straight forward to deal with. Our conversations with him were open and honest and he communicated in a timely manner with us. Overall the process of selling our ‘as is where is property’ was easy and we are happy to recommend My New Start to anyone in the same situation.

John, Linwood Christchurch

I recently had occasion to consider what to do about a property which had been re-assessed for earthquake damage. As part of that process I came into contact with Kane Lawson of My New Start.

My discussions with Kane quickly led me to the decision to sell my property to Kane’s company on an as-is-where-is basis.

Throughout the discussions I had with Kane I found him to be open, direct and honest with full and detailed disclosure regarding the offer which he put before me. It has been a pleasure dealing with Kane and this has been the most hassle-free property transaction I have been involved in. Kane has a very pleasant and easy-going manner and if you are in a similar position with a quake-damaged property I have no hesitation in recommending him to you as the person to contact.

John Wilson Linwood

Linda and Jayson, Aranui Christchurch

We currently live in Australia and were at a loss as to what to do with our house in Christchurch which was badly damaged in the earthquakes.  We contacted Kane on a Saturday afternoon and asked him for his advice.  Without hesitation Kane said leave it with me I will check out the condition of your house and let you know what I can do for you.

The next day (Sunday) he called us and advised that he would organise for an engineer to inspect the property and let us know the outcome.

Kane took all the pressure and stress of us and looked after everything for us. With us living in Australia that was such a relief for us. Kane is such a caring person who always had our best interests at heart.

There is no doubt in our minds that without Kane we would still be struggling to try and sort out our very badly damaged house.

Kane’s knowledge and dedication to helping us was outstanding. He went over and above our expectations to help us.

I would recommend Kane to anyone without hesitation.

Anne, Woolston Christchurch

Kane recently bought my ‘as is where is’ home for what I thought was a very fair price. It was a pleasure to dealing with him and he was very understanding with my needs. I was able to choose my own leaving date. He kept the communication going all the way through, and made the process really smooth and easy. I would totally recommend him to anyone else.

Anne Kelly.

Robyn, Parklands Christchurch

It’s been great dealing with you for the sale of my property. You’ve been sensitive to my needs and you’ve been available to answer my questions.
Thank you for making it happen easily and painlessly.

Abbey and Dave, Burwood Christchurch

It has been such an easy process to deal with Kane. He takes the stress away, you are only dealing with one person and he is honest and up front. You know exactly where you stand with Kane. He explained things in terms we could understand.
We would highly recommend Kane Lawson.
Thanks for allowing us to be able to move on.
Thanks again Kane.
Abbey, Dave and Lachie.

Paul and Sarah, Avondale Christchurch

If you’re considering selling your home as an “as is where is” property then we would highly recommend seriously considering talking to Kane Lawson owner of My New Start. We sold our as is where is property to Kane and he was tremendous to deal with. Kane is very knowledgeable in all aspects and is open and honest in his dealings. Kane was able to be realistic with us about repair strategies and the undertaking of what is involved if you were considering going ahead with carrying out repairs. Kane was very fair, reasonable, as well as accommodating around working in with us on a suitable settlement date that worked for us. He truely was refreshing and straight up to deal with during the entire process and explained things clearly (no smokescreens). Kane couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding, after having already gone through a very stressful period of time of owning an earthquake damaged property. Our sincerest thanks to you Kane for everything and for your integrity in which you carried out this transaction.

Daniel & Vanessa, Redwood Christchurch

Kane went above and beyond for us when we sold our as is, where is home. We contacted him on a Friday evening, he emailed back within an hour, we then set a viewing appointment for Sunday. He presented us with an offer on the day, which was the price we wanted. Kane handled all the details of the transaction with extreme professionalism. Kane also provided a long settlement period to ensure we had time to get our affairs in order before looking at purchasing another house. As it transpired, we found a house within days, not only was the settlement accelerated to 3 weeks, he also met and liaised closely with the Real Estate agent to ensure the best chance of purchase for us given that our new house, had multiple offers on it, we were successful. I can’t say enough how truly pleased we were with the experience. Fast sale, faster settlement along with all the additional help and support. Thank you Kane, 5 stars!

Sharon and Peter, St Albans Christchurch

A few months ago I made contact with Kane after hearing his advert on the radio about buying “as is where is houses” etc.

My husband and I had a block of flats which were in need of a great deal of work and were not in the usual state that you would hope to achieve when putting a property to market. I contacted him without much expectation of a reasonable outcome.

Kane met us on site with his business partner on Waitangi day. They had done quite a lot of homework on the property before they got there. We walked around the site and too my surprise they were not scared off. We had some preemptive chats outside the property then they followed us home and discussed it further over a cup of tea. They presented us an offer which we did not accept because we felt it was too low. They had a discussion outside then came back with a revised offer with a some compromises and a later settlement date. Their offer was not what we might have hoped for on the open market with a tidied up property but it was a very fair and transparent offer with compromises on both sides and no strings attached.

The sale has now been completed. Kane was been very straight forward and honest to deal with, he has kept us informed every step of the way. He has always answered my phone calls and emails promptly and advised be of any changes to expected process.


When I contacted Kane to be honest I was expecting a snake oil salesman. What we found however was a fair and reasonable hard working young man of integrity who was true to his word, honest and transparent in his dealing with us. He was able to give us our desired outcome with a minimum of fuss and bother for us and a fair deal for both parties.


We really appreciate your help Kane and wish you every success with your business and future venture.

Thank you