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About Kane Lawson

Kane Lawson is a 34 year old who was born and bred in Christchurch having always lived in the eastern suburbs he was brought up in both Avondale, Burwood and Shirley and then once he grew up moved to Avonside.

Kane attended Shirley Boys High School which he left at the age of 15 to work full time at Mag and Turbo where he had been employed part time from the tender age of twelve. Over the next 15 years he worked his way up and ended up becoming the Managing Director alongside his business partner. Together through hard work and customer service they would grow the company from 7 to 30 staff members and to become the biggest wheel and tyre shop in the country.

In 2015 Kane decided it was time to sell his shares in the company and take a stepback. He did so and finished at the end of March 2017 leaving his business partner to continue running the business.

Over the earthquake period Kane not only had to deal with trying to keep his business going (which was made especially hard due to the shop being located in the red zone cordon), but he was also trying to get his own home resolved which was extensively damaged from the earthquakes.

Having been through the earthquakes and dealing with the many aspects thrown his way Kane knows that many people have had to endure more than him and decided to start purchasing earthquake damaged property to help people move on and get the ‘New Start’.

Kane brings his years of experience in customer service, and in running a successful business, into his approach, when assisting property owners in a successful sale of their home in a completely stress-free fashion.